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ministrant could be a Pioneer in IT coaching with job-specific talent development. it had been started within the year 2000 and has been increasing in Republic of India and abroad since then.

To apply innovative coaching techniques and frequent upgradation, keeping our talent pool at par with the worldwide standards

The goodwill is owing to the vision ministrant carried, to stay relevant to that trade by providing adept man power mapped to job specific positions in IT trade within the areas of IT Infrastructure Management, application development, IT security and Cloud computing, Mobile computing, massive information management and information analytics and information center design and automation etc.

ministrant outcome based mostly education system helps a student to be a proactive technology professional, besides getting skills mapped to specific job roles in IT. this is often AN distinctive somebody within the job market and comes ministrant excluding the competition.

Long term Partnership with organizations like Apple, IBM, HP, Sun small System, Oracle, VMware, Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, SCO, Redhat, Suse, Novel, Cloudera and Symantec, contributed vastly to our exposure to technologies at enterprise levels.

Over the years, ministrant has formed its course and content development, delivery systems and quality method. The ministrant certified trainers travel across the world within the pursue learning & coaching the newest advancements in technology or to delivery active expertise on the upgrade in AN existing technology.

ministrant owns AN distinctive Virtual cloud information center and provides ‘Learning-as-a-Service’ coaching on the cloud. it'll eliminate the requirement for big and complicated infrastructure, creating learning straightforward and reasonable and change participants to urge a simple access to find out, manage and build cloud anyplace, anytime with any quite machine. This service supports ministrant centers across the planet coinciding learning of twenty,000 people with attenuated value, offered on subscription, pay solely on use, severally customizable for any IT learning atmosphere.

ministrant has designed & developed comprehensive educational programs in IT & IMS by investing on the experience in coaching quite ten,50,000 students in its past 20+ years of existence across Republic of India through quite 100+ coaching centers and additionally the workers of five hundred company shoppers on Induction coaching, Lateral coaching and niche programs custom to the wants of every organization.

Unemployment-Issues and Challenges

Ministrant found that the foremost necessary reason for state, is that the poor quality of graduates, UN agency lack skills for employability in company firms and Enterprises. solely around 2 hundredth of graduates and thirty fifth of engineering graduates area unit directly employable . it's conjointly found that quality of education delivered in most establishments is incredibly poor.

So, the most challenge nowadays isn't solely creating the graduates employable however conjointly to confirm that there area unit additional variety of competent business prepared Graduates for higher productivity & innovation. Earlier, recent graduates UN agency get employed by leading firms need to undergo associate Induction on Product directed or method directed or centered in-house coaching programs. This limits their technical power and ability. this can be why Finishing faculties became a necessity for the scholars. whereas schools give tutorial education, finishing faculties add in terms of skills needed on job skills, diagnostic skills, and teach students what's not schooled in their books- the sensible information needed in IT providing a well-planned framework that will embrace what the corporates want and consequently train the scholars to be business prepared.

The imperatives of recent information era area unit to be acknowledged and also the challenge of the Globalised pedagogy ought to be self-addressed by making a tech-savvy education system to develop job skills to any or all students. ‘Industry and world connect’ is crucial to confirm programme and skills in line with necessities. talent building is admittedly terribly crucial to confirm employability, world to grasp and make certain that, information + skills + international skilled skills = smart jobs.

To bridge business & Education sector gap by job to the wants of business & Students, ministrant and also the distinctive programs offered by ministrant area unit important-

• to make a path wherever business & instructional establishments will synergize efforts to coach higher hands.
• Develop the requisite business power for college students to facilitate higher employability.
• Guarantee additional variety of business prepared Graduates pool is obtainable for the business to recruit.

Ministrant has verticals (independent departments) headed by business heads with Brobdingnagian business expertise. Business development, strategic alliance management, facility and support management, core technical team, course development, relationship management, internal control, inventive and marketing research, placement and practice, time unit and finance, company coaching and ministrant international services, use world category resources to deliver the simplest solutions.

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